Initial Rules

These are the initial rules of the Community Broadcasting Association that will apply until such time as a new set of rules are adopted.

It is the intention to discuss and refine the proposed constitution during the initial period, and to then adopt the constitution as the set of formal rules for the association going forward.

Initial Rules:

  1. Membership is free, but requires approval by appointed membership coordinators to ensure that members are actual persons resident in New Zealand with a real interest in community broadcasting.
  2. Initial membership will lapse once the society is formally incorporated as the Community Broadcasters Association of New Zealand.
  3. Only members will be entitled to vote on the adoption of the proposed constitution, and on the formation of an incorporated society.
  4. A majority of members, being in number at least 15, will be required to vote in support of the formation of an incorporated society for the vote to have effect..
  5. At lease 15 members voting in support of the formation of an incorporated society will be required to sign the forms required to lodge an application with the Registrar of Incorporated Societies.